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3 Reasons to Have an Air Cleaner Installed in Your Lincoln, MT Home

August 15, 2021

The indoor air quality of your home in Lincoln, MT, is vital for your health and comfort, especially in the summer. According to the EPA, indoor air is two to five times more contaminated than outdoor air due to pollutants such as bacteria, dust, or intended home scents. One way to purify your indoor air is with an air cleaner, which has numerous benefits.

1. Health Advantages

Health complications can arise due to the infiltration and buildup of dust, pet dander, allergens and bacteria in your home. The foreign particles aggravate existing health conditions for people with breathing illnesses such as asthma, sinusitis and sneezing allergies. Skin conditions can also be an issue in a home with poor indoor air quality.

In workplaces, such contaminated air may result in lower cognitive levels, and in turn, low productivity. Air cleaners can work hand in hand with air conditioning systems to purify your air, eliminating any foreign particles in your house. With an air cleaner, you and your loved ones can breathe more freely and deeply with fewer worries of poor indoor air quality.

2. Eco-Friendly Option

One popular trend in environmentally friendly living is the use of whole-home air-purifying systems. The whole-home air-cleaning system is flexible and fits in modern homes or older homes — regardless of your HVAC model. One example of a pocket-friendly and sustainable option is the electrostatic recessed air cleaner.

Electrostatic recessed air cleaners are minimalistic in design and blend anywhere in your ceiling or wall. The unit will trap foreign pollutants, filtering them through the polarizing process and an active carbon filter.

They are popular because of their ability to trap the particles via a non-ionizing process without the formation of ozone deposits. Another added advantage is their easy maintenance, which requires routine cleaning and a filter change every one to two months. A second environmentally friendly air cleaner to consider is the HEPA air purifier.

3. Total Home Coverage

As the name suggests, whole-house air cleaners can purify the air all over your home. Unlike most air purifiers, whole-house air cleaners connect to the AC system and enable air cleaning in different rooms of your home.

Indoor air quality stands to benefit you and your loved ones’ mental and physical health. Contact and hire Superior Heating & Cooling Inc. experts to install a whole-house air cleaner for you so that we can boost your indoor air quality.

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