Carbon Monoxide Detector

A CO detector or Carbon Monoxide detector will sound a siren to alert you and your family that dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are building up.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Provides quality airflow, free from dust, pollens and some bacteria, up to 90% of air borne products are removed. Electronic air cleaners have the best overall performance and provide the greatest help with allergies and asthma.

Media Air Cleaners

Removes much of the dust and pollen that would pass right through a standard one inch filter. Helps with allergy and asthma prevention. Second only to the electronic air cleaner for overall performance.

Ultra Violet Air Treatment

Helps make your home healthy. Kills molds, bacteria and viruses reducing the spread of colds and flu in your home relieving discomfort from allergies and asthma.


Better health, can be assisted with the addition of a humidifier. Dry air in the home can be eliminated and overall air quality improved by maintaining a proper level of humidity. Very important for wood floors and fine furniture.