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4 Possible Causes of Your Poor Airflow in Helena, MT

September 15, 2021

Poor HVAC system airflow can lead to a rise in energy bills and decreased home comfort levels in Helena, MT. A trained HVAC specialist can help improve the airflow in your home. In order to begin, it’s important to know the four most common causes of poor airflow in the home.

1. A Clogged or Dirty Filter

The filter on your HVAC system helps trap dirt and other pathogens so they don’t circulate throughout your home and get into your ductwork. As time goes on, these particles can begin to clog the filter and cause poor airflow and poor air quality. You should change the filter every three months at a minimum. However, once a month may be appropriate during seasons of heavy use.

2. Damaged Ductwork

Your ductwork is the area of your HVAC system that transports air throughout your home. As time goes on, this may become damaged and allow air to leak out before it reaches your vents.

Dirt and dust buildup can occur as well if technicians don’t perform proper maintenance. Lack of proper maintenance will lead to clogs that slow airflow.

3. Blocked Air Vents

The simplest fix on this list, blocked air vents are a common cause for sudden poor airflow. Uncover all vents in your home and make sure there’s an 8 to 12-inch clearance around all furniture for the best flow and circulation of air.

4. An HVAC System That Was Poorly Installed

Sometimes, your ducts aren’t an appropriate size for your home or HVAC system. This can lead to a lack of pressure inside the ducts, meaning the air never gets where you need it. Most commonly, ducts are too small and may need a replacement.

Call Superior Heating & Cooling, Inc. to help you solve your poor airflow troubles. Our trained and certified technicians will work hard to diagnose and fix the problem so your home can be comfortable again.

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