clogged air filter causes respiratory issues

4 Ways a Clogged Air Filter Affects Your Home in Townsend, MT

June 6, 2022

Your system’s filters play a key role in catching indoor air pollutants and keeping the air healthy and breathable. Without regular maintenance, dust and debris accumulate on your filters, blocking airflow and reducing your system’s efficiency. Read on to understand how a clogged air filter negatively impacts your home in Townsend, MT.

1. Increased Energy Consumption

Clogged filters cause your system and especially the blower fan to work harder than it normally would to draw air through your household. Furthermore, your system takes longer to clean your indoor air, which translates to more energy consumption. The best way to ensure that your system is energy efficient is by regularly cleaning or replacing the air filter.

2. Increased Demand for Repairs

Although you can’t fully avoid system repairs, you can reduce their recurrence rate by regularly cleaning the filters. Clogged filters intensify the system’s process of wear and tear, causing more components to wear out, crack or break.

3. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that your system might be behind the recurring respiratory infections in your home? Instead of trapping pollutants, clogged filters act as distributors of indoor air pollutants throughout your home. Furthermore, they cause unpleasant smells, making staying indoors uncomfortable.

4. Decrease System Lifespan

Did you know that clogged filters can damage your system? If the process of wear and tear is intense, eventually, a some of your system components may fail, necessitating a replacement. It’s probably the costliest consequence of skipping maintenance.

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