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Can Snow and Ice Damage My Heat Pump in Helena, MT?

January 3, 2022

Residents of Helena, MT, are no stranger to the cold weather and, with an average of 47 inches of snowfall per year, the damage that winter weather can inflict on their homes. Ice and snow buildup as well as falling ice from gutters can damage parts of an HVAC system and prevent airflow, leading to increased repair and energy costs. Here’s what you need to know about preventing ice damage to your heat pump.

Snow and Ice Problems

When snow and ice freeze on and around your home, this can block intake and exhaust on your HVAC unit and make the system inefficient. This will drive up your heating costs and leave your home colder than you would like.

Water Damage

In cases where there are periods of thaw and freeze, any water that collects on the surface of the unit will expand as it freezes, potentially damaging the metal grilles or fan blades of the unit. In addition, if snow and ice build up in or around the unit, it can cause extensive water damage when it melts.

Tips to Prevent Snow or Ice Buildup

Most HVAC units have a defrost cycle that will run automatically when the unit gets below a certain temperature. However, it is critical to still do a visual inspection of the parts of your unit that are outside and exposed to the elements.

Building a wind block will help prevent snow drifts from blocking the unit. It is critical to never cover your heat pump in an effort to protect it from the elements as this poses a safety hazard.

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