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Why It Matters to Have a Properly Sized Heat Pump

September 29, 2022

Your heat pump may be too small, too large or just the right size for your home. A perfectly sized system is the most appropriate for your Helena, MT home as one that’s either too large or too small will give you problems. Find out why a heat pump’s size matters.

1. Better Energy Efficiency

A properly sized heat pump runs in complete cycles to cool your home. If you maintain the system regularly, it may not consume large amounts of energy.

On the other hand, an undersized system experiences difficulties trying to meet the cooling demands since your home is too large for it. It will run for long hours, causing your energy bill to shoot up.

An oversized system won’t complete its cooling cycles. Your home is small for its capabilities; it will cool your living space quickly and then shut down.

The unit may end up starting up and going off multiple times. It consumes the most energy during start-up, meaning the more times it starts, the more power it consumes.

2. Heat Pump Provides More Comfort

If your home uses an undersized system, you may experience uneven cooling. Areas far from the vents may experience a reduced supply of warm or cool air, reducing your indoor comfort.

An oversized system may cause your home to be overly warm one moment and excessively cool the next moment because it will turn on and off too often. Your home will probably be humid also as the system doesn’t run long enough to extract the moisture from the air. On the other hand, a correctly sized heat pump delivers indoor comfort by supplying warm or cool air in all the areas in your home.

3. No Unnecessary Wear and Tear

An undersized system may experience more wear and tear because it runs all the time. The unit’s parts may experience excessive pressure, resulting in frequent repairs. Having to repair your system all the time makes it expensive to use.

For an oversize unit, turning on and off frequently also exerts lots of pressure on your system’s parts. On the other hand, you don’t have to repair a correctly sized system all the time because its parts don’t experience too much pressure while regulating your home’s temperatures.

Contact Superior Heating & Cooling, Inc. for excellent HVAC services if you have an improperly sized heat pump. Our team will conduct load calculations and replace your system with a correctly sized one.

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