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Reasons Your Ductless AC in East Helena, MT, Isn’t Properly Cooling

April 21, 2021

The last thing you want on hot summer days is a ductless AC system with inefficient cooling. Several faults within your ductless AC system could cause cooling problems. Here are some possible reasons for improper ductless AC cooling in your East Helena, MT, home.

Dirty Air Filters

Poor air conditioning could indicate clogged air filters. Dirt and unwanted items within the air filters significantly impede the cooling capacity of your ductless system. Additionally, severe clogging in the filters causes other HVAC components to age faster.

Cleaning your ductless system’s filters clears out pollen, pet dander and dust. Installing new air filters every month is an effective way to achieve proper cooling.

Wrong Sizing

Incorrect sizing of the ductless AC system could be another reason why your house experiences insufficient cooling. Smaller ductless systems require excessive force to cool your home properly. Short-cycling is quite common for larger ductless AC systems.

Professional guidance is vital before you invest in a new ductless system. Factors to consider include your house’s size, ventilation capability and the number of windows and doors. HVAC specialists are highly knowledgeable when it comes to purchasing the best ductless system for your home.

Poor Maintenance

Your ductless AC system requires preventive maintenance at least before the beginning of every season. Debris accumulation around the heat pump inhibits air conditioning and circulation. Make sure to remove overgrown tree limbs, weeds, shrubs and objects surrounding your system’s heat pump.

Getting a maintenance plan for your ductless system improves the air conditioning efficiency and reliability. Additionally, proper maintenance means lower repair costs and a longer working life for your system.

Refrigerant Deficiency

Inefficient cooling could be a sign that your system has low refrigerant levels. Typically, the refrigerant circulates through the ductless system’s coils, providing cool air for your house. With low refrigerant levels, your system provides insufficient air to cool your home.

Contact Superior Heating & Cooling, Inc. for residential ductless AC installation and repair. Get service in the spring, so our service technicians can get you ready for a cool, comfortable summer.

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