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Should My Heat Pump Keep Tripping the Breaker?

January 26, 2023

A circuit breaker detects a power surge and disconnects the power supply to prevent a fire breakout. A heat pump is one of the appliances in your house that can trip the circuit breaker. Find out below why your heat pump is tripping your breaker in Townsend, MT.

Your Outdoor Unit Is Dirty

Your heat pump’s outdoor unit absorbs heat from the environment and relays it into your living space. To conduct this function efficiently, there should be no obstructions.

Leaves, dust and debris may accumulate on this unit since it is outside. Your pets may also rub on the outdoor unit and release fur that may clog it.

These contaminants make it difficult for your system to absorb heat, causing it to overwork and draw excessive electric energy. As a result, your breaker trips. Scheduling regular maintenance will ensure your system components are clean and operating efficiently.

Your Air Filter Is Dirty

Contaminants can interfere with proper airflow when they accumulate on your air filter. Consequently, your system works harder, trying to draw in air.

Overworking causes the circuit breaker to trip. Consider changing your air filter regularly.

A Faulty Compressor

A compressor alters the refrigerant’s pressure and temperature to enable the fluid to relay heat from one area to another. A hard starting compressor may draw more electric energy than usual, causing your circuit breaker to trip.

Also, a bad capacitor may also cause the same problem. Allow a technician to inspect your compressor and restore it to optimal performance.

Electrical Issues

Your heat pump contains multiple wires that relay electric energy. The insulation on these wires may wear out, resulting in electric shorts. The electric shorts cause the circuit breaker to trip.

Allow a technician to repair electric connections in your heat pump. You may cause injury to yourself if you try to work on these connections.

Reach out to Superior Heating & Cooling, Inc. for exceptional heating services in the West. Our technicians will repair your system with the highest level of expertise and professionalism to restore your comfort.

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