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What Is That Sound Coming from My Furnace in Clancy, MT?

November 22, 2022

Hearing strange noises from your furnace should concern you, as it signals issues within your system. Here, we highlight furnace sounds you must never ignore, based on our decades of experience in Clancy, MT.


A grinding noise during operation signals dry bearings in the blower motor. It can also signify too much stress on the belt tension in modern systems. Luckily, our technicians can quickly rectify the issue before it goes out of hand during preventive maintenance.

Pop or Bang During Startup

If you hear a pop or bang sound during ignition, it signifies that you have a dirty burner. The sound indicates gas buildup before your igniter lights up the gas. The larger the amount of gas, the louder the pop or bang sound.

Alerting our technicians in good time can help avoid damage to other components, such as the heat exchanger. A thorough cleaning of the burner will fix the problem.


Squealing noises originate from wrong tension on loose or worn-out belts in the motor shaft, bearings, or motor. Excessive or under-tensioning leads to component damage. Luckily, it is easy to fix the issue with professional help to ensure ideal tensioning.

Thumping and Bumping

Thumping or bumping noises happen during the expansion or contraction of your ductwork. These noises signal wrong-sized ductwork, failing joints, or loose vents.

Ductwork that’s the wrong size for your home will not circulate the warm air to all rooms evenly. For an accurate diagnosis of the root cause, a professional can inspect and test the airflow through each vent.

Early detection of furnace problems can help you avoid expensive repairs and equipment failures during winter. Call us at Superior Heating & Cooling, Inc. to book an appointment or learn more about our heating services for residents of Clancy, MT and the surrounding areas.

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